Safety Concerns on GMO Foods and Associated Toxin Glyphosate (or Weed Killer)

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Why are food allergies on the rise in the United States?

(I am not a doctor or a medical professional and I don’t play one on the internet. I am here to share with the world what I have learned from extensive research and personal experience. To see my disclaimer click here.)

An organic non-GMO diet is key to beating internal inflammation, healing leaky gut syndrome and improving your immune system function so that your body can start functioning like it was designed to.

While there are warnings all over the place telling people not to eat GMO foods, I have always been the type of person that needed a reason. Why not? I found it interesting that while doing my research it was difficult to find much detail on why GMO foods are so bad. Most articles published on GMO, GE or GM foods have titles like, “What you need to know on GMO“, yet the articles give a vague description of what GMO foods really are. USA Today reported on January 3, 2014, in an article titled, “What you need to know about GMOs?” and have a description of “GMOs are plants or animals whose cells have been inserted with a gene from an unrelated species in order to take on specific characteristics. For example, plants might be genetically engineered to develop a resistance to insects or to increase nutrients.” Unfortunately, with a vague description like this all it did was leave me with more questions. What gene and what species? How can you create a resistance against insects? Why are these foods banned in other countries?

Do you ask yourself why your presidential parties eat organic food while the rest of us eat GMO foods? Maybe they know something we don’t. Why on earth would they want to put it out there without a label on it? Here is what you REALLY need to know.

What You REALLY Need to Know – Food Allergies & Gluten Intolerance

GMO, GE, and GM foods were first introduced into the food supply in the mid 90’s. Interesting enough the CDC reported in 2013 that “food allergies increased 50% from 1997 to 2013”. With 15 million Americans having a food allergy and 1 in 13 children, that’s a large number. Is it related?

Our foods have in so many ways have been contaminated by both GMO foods, and Monsanto Roundup (or Glyphosate) being used on GMO foods. Can GMO foods and toxic exposure to our foods be why so many people have developed a similar sensitivity to foods? Studies showed in 2014, “a significant amount of the population showing gluten sensitivity”?(6)

Limited Resources to Validate GMO Safety Concerns – YOU ARE THE STUDY!

While there has been a great divide between those who have a personal horrific experience with GMO foods and those wishing to invalidate the concerns being raised. The fact of the matter is, there are no widely accepted studies in the United States to show either side of the argument. Just like so many other products that have been placed on our markets with no prior testing. YOU ARE THE STUDY! 

What We Know About Monsanto’s Glyphosate Found in GMO food

Information obtained by Moms Across America website.

The US Government Publishing Office reports that Monsanto’s Glyphosate (again, a weed killer) is a chemical in Roundup as well as hundreds of other herbicides and is sprayed on 80% of GMO and non-organic foods.(7)

Glyphosate is a known:

Chelator – known to draw out the vital nutrients of any living thing it touches (essentially gives a plant AIDS). See more on chelator youtube video

It has been acknowledged on an EPA Fact Sheet as a reproductive effector and can cause liver and kidney damage. (9)

Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology states it is a Neurotoxin known to cause cell damage to humans and Cardiovascular toxicity in fish. (10)

WHO (World Health Organization) has deemed glyphosate as a probable carcinogen. (11)

Scientists state that glyphosate can break down the blood brain barrier allowing the toxins into the brain. As a result, can increase the impact of toxic exposure in vaccines.(12)

Glyphosate has been shown to destroy beneficial gut bacteria and promotes pathogenic gut bacteria in chickens and can lead to brain inflammation, learning, mood, behavior changes as seen in autism symptoms. (13)

Glyphosate is never used as an herbicide alone co-formulants of glyphosate-based herbicides have been shown to be endocrine disruptors and 1000X more toxic than glyphosate alone.(14)

Health Risks of GMO Foods?

Since we now know that most, if not all, disease begins in the gut ie Leaky Gut Syndrome and that our gut (or gastrointestinal system is 70% of our immune system). This is what GMO, GM, and GE foods are doing to us. Which is likely one of the reasons food allergies have increased 50% since the mid 90’s when GMO foods were introduced?

The Institute For Responsible Technology organization was founded in 2003 by international bestselling author and consumer advocate, Jeffrey Smith, shares in an article called GMO Education. A GMO, GE, or GM (genetically modified organism) is defined as a laboratory process where DNA of a species is extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal. Technically speaking GMO, GE and GM are one in the same. Basically, a scientist takes a gene from a bacteria, virus, insect, animal or human. That’s right human. Science has gotten very interesting, but again why should I care?

Studies show rats fed GM potatoes showed proliferative (or growing an increased number rapidly) cell growth. Could this be the explanation for the rise of cancer since the mid 90’s? With chronic illness at an all time high with 1 and 4 kids and 1 in four adults suffering from multiple chronic illnesses. (15) Cancer statistics that are out of this world 591,699 people dying every year from cancer.  If this were the 1800’s Americans would be on a fast track to becoming extinct.  Concerned yet? We are feeding this to our kids. Is this something you are willing to ignore? (16)

Genetically modified foods have been associated with toxic allergic reactions, which is likely why EpiPen sales are on the rise. Dead livestock and damage to virtually every organ studied in lab animals. Unfortunately, these GMO foods were never studied in humans prior to our grocery stores being flooded with them. Yet another instance where products are put on the market with little or no long term testing, at least no studies that we have access to.

The health risks also include infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system. If that’s not enough to concern you, to see even more health risks and information click the link.

What Foods are Not GMO?

Look for these two labels. There are also cell phone apps that will guide you and warn you about GMO foods to avoid. I have also included a list of GMO-Free foods that you can stick to avoid the GMO variety.


In conclusion, if you are eating these foods it is imperative that you stop or do what you can to limit your exposure to these foods, especially if you or someone you love has food allergies or other chronic illness. Costco is making huge improvements to their store with regard to organic products, they are a valuable resource. Additional resources for fruits and vegetables making sure they are either organic and non-GMO. Your local Farmers Market is a great resource for affordable organic food, get to know your farmers they are a valuable resource. Take the steps necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones. Collect some organic seeds, grow your own gardens, do whatever you have to but you do NOT have to eat those GMO foods. There are alternatives.

To learn more about Leaky Gut Syndrome and studies showing Leaky Gut Syndrome connected in studies to wide, variety of chronic illness see my post, Intestinal Permeability (or Leaky Gut Syndrome) What is it? Can it be treated?

Learn more about hidden toxins in our foods see my post, Organic on a Budget.

What Foods are GMO, GE or GM?

For those of you who still care.

Taken directly from the article, GMOs in Food, Institute for Responsible Technology, author Jeffrey Smith because who wants to retype all of that.

Currently commercialized GM crops in the U.S. include soy (94%), cotton (90%), canola (90%), sugar beets (95%), corn (88%), Hawaiian papaya (more than 50%), zucchini and yellow squash (over 24,000 acres).

We then carefully craft from the above items.

Products derived from the above, including oils from all four, soy protein, soy lecithin, cornstarch, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup among others. There are also many “invisible ingredients,” derived from GM crops that are not obviously from corn or soy. Read more

Other Sources of GMOs include

Dairy products (from cows injected with the GM hormone rbGH)

Food additives enzymes, flavorings, and processing agents, including the sweetener aspartame (NutraSweet) and rennet used to make hard cheeses

Meat, eggs, and dairy products from animals that have eaten GM feed

Honey and bee pollen that may have GM sources of pollen

Contamination or pollination caused by GM seeds or pollen

Some of the Ingredients That May Be Genetically Modified: Vegetable oil, vegetable fat, and margarine (made with soy, corn, cottonseed, and/or canola)

Ingredients derived from soybeans:

Soy flour, soy protein, soy isolates, soy isoflavones, soy lecithin, vegetable proteins, textured vegetable protein (TVP), tofu, tamari, tempeh, and soy protein supplements.

Ingredients derived from corn: Corn flour, corn gluten, corn masa, corn starch, corn syrup, cornmeal, and High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).

Complete List of Invisible Ingredients

Some of the Foods That May Contain GM Ingredients:

Infant formula, Salad dressing, Bread, Cereal, Hamburgers and hotdogs, Margarine, Mayonnaise, Crackers, Cookies, Chocolate, Candy, Fried food, Chips, Veggie burgers, Meat substitutes, Ice cream, Frozen yogurt, Tofu, Tamari and Soy sauce, Soy cheese, Tomato sauce, Protein powder, Baking powder, Any sugar not 100% Cane, Confectioner’s glaze, Alcohol, Vanilla (may contain corn syrup), Peanut butter, Enriched flour, Pasta, Malt, White vinegar

Products derived from the above, including oils from all four, soy protein, soy lecithin, cornstarch, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup among others. There are also many “invisible ingredients,” derived from GM crops that are not obviously from corn or soy.

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FTC DISCLOSURE:  This site is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Heidi Hall developed this site to raise awareness on concerns regarding conventional medications and how they can affect the immune system, vaccine safety, and informed consent regarding vaccines. As well as conditions such as leaky gut syndrome that commonly go undiagnosed by doctors as you have seen in my situation.

It is always important to check with your doctor before you stop any medication and some supplements can have a negative interaction with prescription medications. You can seek the advice of a naturopath doctor who can help you safely stop using conventional medication when necessary. Naturopath doctors are experienced in healing leaky gut syndrome, as well as diagnosing autoimmune diseases, food intolerance, and treatment options. 

All information on Healing Children Naturally is meant for educational and informational purposes only. The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Readers are advised to do their own research and make decisions in partnership with their health care provider. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are taking any medication, please consult your physician.


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